Case History 2A - Recovery from crippling backache and severe sciatica

Julie is a 31-year-old ex-nurse living in the north of England.  She had been crippled with severe backache and partial paralysis of her left leg due to severe sciatica for eight years following an injury at work when she was trying to lift a very heavy patient. She had tried every form of therapy that she could think of during the years including intensive physiotherapy, osteopathy and even anti-inflammatory, steroid and anaesthetic injections into her spine without any discernable improvement.  Her mother had read about my work in a magazine and thus had prompted her to ring me. In desperation and as a last resort she had done so.

As it was physically impossible for her to make the long journey to the outskirts of London where I live and work, I decided to work on her with distant healing.   After tuning into her, I saw in my mind’s eye that she had had a severe congenital spina bifida ( meningo-myelocoele )) in a past life as a result of which her legs were also paralysed.  I taught her the simple rainbow healing visualisation on the phone and asked her to send healing to that image as well as her current problem while I also did the same.

Two weeks after the start of treatment, she rang me and was absolutely thrilled at the fact that all her symptoms had completely disappeared and for the first time in eight years she was totally pain free and able to move her back properly! She has since had two healthy babies; during neither of the pregnancies did she have any back problems whatsoever. This was quite wonderful considering that even perfectly healthy women have some degree of backache during the advanced stages of their pregnancy.

She rang me once again after about a year after the birth of her second child in a state of some distress. She told me that her second child was developing a rapidly worsening severe curvature of his back and if it did not stop quickly, the kid would soon need major surgery to stop the progression of the disease as the severe deformity thus caused would eventually severely interfere with the functioning of his lungs and heart. 

I advised her as to how to give her little boy healing by getting in touch with the light healing energy and placing her hands on the boy’s back at least once a day for a few minutes. In the meanwhile I sent him regular distant healing. Within 3 months the curvature stabilised and within six months it totally corrected itself much to the amazement of the hospital consultants looking after him. The child has continued to remain totally free of symptoms 4 years on.



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