Dr.Kai Kermani BSc.(Honours) LRCP. MRCS. MBBS. DRCOG. MRCGP, BCRP, MD, is a highly qualified scientist and medical doctor who originally was born in Persia (Iran) who came to England in his teens. After qualifying from one of London’s top medical schools with highest level of distinction and specialising in the fields of surgery, orthopaedics, medicine, gynaecology, obstetrics and psychotherapy;  he eventually  settled into general practice; a profession which he loved and during which he used his immense intuitive diagnostic skills. In his holistic general practice, he used a combination of conventional and complementary therapies including the use of the immense healing  powers of the mind through Autogenic Training. In the whole of the eighties and early nineties, he used the very same techniques to help individuals with HIV, AIDS and other serious and catastrophic diseases including nasty growth and other melagnancies to improve both the quality and duration of their lives; something which took him to New York to teach the very same techniques to professionals in the USA.

Following his accidental blindness in 1991 and a few months later by the death of his partner through medical negligence, he was guided by the Higher Powers to use his talents, healing gifts and vast experience to help others. He has since devoted his time and energy and God given healing gifts, Autogenics and many other therapies to inspire and empower numerous people to overcome their diseases and disabilities

As well as being a powerful healer he is a counsellor, stress management consultant , Autogenic relaxation trainer and therapist, NLP and NAC practitioner, visualisation and Journey therapist, author, poet and an inspirational international lecturer and workshop leader. He runs group workshops on personal development, success and abundance, relationships, Fun, creativity and healing.He has appeared on many radio and television programmes and contributed to many books and written numerous articles for a variety of health and healing magazines.

Dr Kermani has also just released his brand new book " Heal your life with rainbow colours: powerful techniques for self healing, empowerment and manifestation" as an Internet Ebook. Which can be downloaded for free:

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Empower and Heal your Life audio CD

Empower and Heal your Life is a unique GUIDED meditation/visualisation audio CD called. It was developed for both experienced and non-experienced people to receive a healing and empowering meditation. Dr Kai has kindly bequeathede ALL the proceeds of sales of this CD to the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust.

This powerful, inspirational  and unique  guided meditation /visualisation  devised by Dr.Kai Kermani  is a technique of releasing negative behaviour patterns, emotions, memories and  belief systems and   improving ,enhancing and strengthening  feelings of self-worth, confidence and love as well as empowering the user to heal themselves and achieve whatever they wish in their lives.

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