Heal Your Life With Rainbow Colours:
Powerful Techniques For Self Healing,
Empowerment And Manifestation.

By Dr Kai Kermani

Kai Kerman has just released his amazing new book on Healing, Empowerment and Manifestation.
This new book conatins a wealth of information to help heal and get the best out of life. This book
is now available for free download below.

Click on the link below and save the Ebook to your computer or even better still print it out.



Empower and Heal your Life audio CD

Empower and Heal your Life is a unique GUIDED meditation/visualisation audio CD called. It was developed for both experienced and non-experienced people to receive a healing and empowering meditation. Dr Kai has kindly bequeathede ALL the proceeds of sales of this CD to the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust.

This powerful, inspirational  and unique  guided meditation /visualisation  devised by Dr.Kai Kermani  is a technique of releasing negative behaviour patterns, emotions, memories and  belief systems and   improving ,enhancing and strengthening  feelings of self-worth, confidence and love as well as empowering the user to heal themselves and achieve whatever they wish in their lives.

Please visit this link for testimonials from people who's lives have been empowered.


..... Have a wonderful day


Dr.Kai Kermani