Case History 8 - Recovery from advanced nasty growth of the cervix with distant healing

Inny’s father rang me at the beginning of 07 extremely worried about his daughter wondering if I could send her distant healing? He told me that Inny who is a 36 year old lady and who lives in the north of England  had been looking forward to getting pregnant from her partner. Therefore, when she stopped seeing her periods and her tummy started enlarging, she was delighted as she thought that she had actually got pregnant.

However, unfortunately her total joy turned into absolute horror  when her  doctor informed her that he thought that  she probably had a nasty growth of the cervix giving rise to her symptoms. The result of the hospital consultation was regrettably far worse. Not only did she have a very advanced nasty growth of the cervix, but it had also spread to her uterus(Womb), ovaries and the lymph glands in her pelvis.

Despite the vary advanced state of her disease, they decided to give her a few radiotherapy sessions as a last desperate measure. However,   unfortunately this  did not seem to do much good. Then as an alternative,  they implanted a radium pellet in her cervix for 24 hours to see if that would help. Unfortunately she could not tolerate that as she developed a very severe reaction including the collapse of  the  count of  her white blood cells and consequently  the pellet had to be removed after only  8 hours.

During the whole of this time I was regularly sending her  distant healing several times a week as I usually do.  She was also regularly doing the healing meditation which I had sent her and routinely give to all my clients/patients.  Towards the beginning of June 07 (4 months after the initial contact), Inny’s father contacted me with the wonderful and astonishing news that the latest scan showed that there was no sign of the nasty growth in her gynaecological system, although they could not be sure whether or not the lymph glands were also clear at this time!!


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