Case History 5 - Assistance with recovery from AIDS

Michael was a 31-year-old man living in New York when he contacted me in 1995 with advanced AIDS.  His immunity had collapsed completely and he had no CD4 (T) cells and had been in hospital for two months very close to death with a severe AIDS related brain infection. He was sent home for terminal care.  On his release from hospital he read about my work on the subject and wanted to fly over to London immediately to get some healing from me.  I strongly dissuaded him from doing that as I felt that with his state of immunity, he would probably pick up a fatal infection en route.

We decided to work on a distant healing link, during which he would do a simple healing light meditation that I had taught him in order to facilitate his getting in touch with the healing energy that I was channelling for him. This was considered to be a prelude to his learning Autogenic Training(Link to Autogenic book in Books)  once he felt better which he did.   We would also keep in touch on the phone from time to time, especially whenever he felt that he was loosing his positive approach.   I continued sending him daily distant healing while he did his healing visualisation at least twice a day. Initially he would ring me weekly especially if he had any issues, which worried him.  But as his health improved and he got more confidence in his own healing abilities through Autogenics and healing visualisation, the frequency of phone calls tailed off.

He started improving and his CD4 count increasing. He remained remarkably well and infection free for the next eighteen months, at which time, the American doctors looking after him were able to perform a pioneering gene therapy with genes taken from his healthy twin brother; something which would have seemed totally impossible if he had not managed to have such a dramatic health improvement through the work which we did together.  The gene therapy resulted   in his     becoming completely normal health wise, with his CD4 count becoming also virtually normal.  Astonishingly he has been HIV negative following the gene therapy for at least 4 years! His now negative status has been confirmed with 3 monthly blood tests.

During one of our latter phone conversations in 2001, He told me that the most effective and powerful thing that kept him going and motivated him, especially in those dark days when he was feeling so ill and low after his discharge from hospital was a comment that I had made during our very first conversation. It was to the effect that he could beat the disease if he concentrated hard enough and had enough belief and faith in himself and his own healing ability to see himself getting totally fit and healthy again. He had apparently written it in large letters and had it framed so that he could constantly use it as a positive affirmation. Apart from a very strong determination to recover, the power of positive thinking, and healing energy, this case also demonstrates the immense power of positive words and the way that we communicate them to our clients, family and friends to empower them to achieve their full potential.



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