Case History - 4A.   Recovery from pain in between the shoulder blades

Nora is a 49-year-old office worker who rang me for some distant healing one day as she had had very severe pain in her back between her shoulder blades for six months. No one could fathom out why. Again while tuning into her, I had this image of a large knife being stuck in her back.  Unlike Cathy’s case, the image seemed to be related to this life rather than a past one.  I took out the knife and gave the spot healing.

She rang me a few days later saying that her symptoms had “miraculously” cleared up! When I explained to her about the image, she immediately related it to all the problems and “back-stabbing” that was going on at her work. She promptly proceeded to do something about it by leaving her job and working somewhere else much more suitable to her needs.



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