Distant or absent healing is the sending of healing energy through the medium of thought energies. Positive healing  thought combined with the intention of the recipient receiving the healing  energy and getting healed and recovering from whatever ails them is one of the most powerful sources of energy. The recipient must of-course have given his/her consent otherwise the healing will be blocked and consequently will not work. The distant healing energy can travel anywhere in the world and usually there are absolutely no limits to its spread or effectiveness provided that it is specifically asked for.

The way that I personally do it is to get into a very deep state of relaxation or what I call the healing space through Autogenic Training (Link to What is Autogenic Training and Autogenic training book) and  imagine the person who has asked for healing in the place that they live and then imagine a beam of silver/gold or pink  light depending on what seems appropriate  to be directed through my heart and third eye energy centres  and be carried via my thoughts to the person;covering them and particularly going to the areas that are at fault and need healing. They do not normally need to know as to when I am doing it as it will get absorbed and work  powerfully  so long as they have given permission to me to send them healing. I also usually ask them to do a simple healing meditation themselves regularly. This serves two purposes. Firstly it helps them to get in touch with their own immense inner healing energies and secondly to make it easier for them to access the unconditionally  loving  healing energies which I will be sending them.

Please review the extensive success I have had with many different patients from many different countries.
I offer a number of different Distance Healing Packages, please contact me for more information.

Distant healing case histories.

1A, Distant healing in septicemia and  toxic shock syndrome after birth (Severe blood poisoning after birth) - Distance Healing CH 1A
2A. Recovery from crippling backache and partial paralysis of left leg due  to  severe sciatica - Distance Healing CH2A
3A, Clearing of severe throat pain and loss of voice - Distance Healing CH3A )
4A, Recovery from pain in between the shoulder blades - Distance Healing CH4A )
5A, Assistance with recovery from AIDS - Distance Healing CH5A
6A, Recovery from paralysis of legs following gun shot injury - Distance Healing CH6A
7A, Recovery from moderately advanced breast nasty growth - Distance Healing CH7A
8A, Recovery from advanced nasty growth of the cervix - Distance Healing CH8A
9A, Healing of a deeply unconscious teenager - Distance Healing CH9A
10A, Healing of a baby with severe septicaemia - Distance Healing CH10A