Case History 9 - Recovery from Crohn’s disease

One day I bumped into Paul in the Methodist church which we both attended. He seemed very distressed and told me that his 15 year old son John  was due to have major surgery with the removal of almost the whole of his large bowel and some of the small bowel with the resulting ileostomy because of severe extensive Crohn’s disease. This is a severe inflammatory disease of the bowel which can lead to long term severe illness with pain, fatigue and very abnormal bowel habits including severe and uncontrollable  diarrhoea. At my behest the reluctant and highly sceptical John was persuaded to come and see me before undergoing surgery.

At 15 John was a very pleasant and obviously highly intelligent, very sceptical, reluctant and rebellious individual with a resigned attitude that nothing else had worked and there was no reason that the healing should work either. During our conversation it transpired that he had the severe stomach ache and bowel symptoms since the age of 5 although since the adoption of his very troubled step sister, his Crohn’s had got much worse and was only  diagnosed when he  was eleven. Since that time he had a tour of some major hospitals in order to bring his condition and severe illness under control and for a time it had been reasonably controlled by Bart’s in London with severe dietary restrictions, and highly potent toxic drugs including high doses of steroids.  However unfortunately during the previous year even that powerful cocktail of drugs had stopped working and he was becoming progressively more ill and hence the reason for the contemplated surgery. As a result of his persistent illness, he had missed an enormous amount of schooling and despite his high level of intelligence, it was thought that he would be unable to take many exams as even the thought of the stress of the exams would trigger off a severe attack which would land him in hospital usually as an emergency due to the severity of his symptoms. As far as John was concerned, one of the worst side effects of the illness was that he was unable to do sports especially football which he loved.

We started working together in November of 1999 about six months before his exams were due and with the sword of Damocles of threatened surgery hanging over our heads. Despite his extreme scepticism, he relaxed remarkably well during our first session and actually fell asleep despite the enormous amount of pain that he had at the beginning of our consultation.  Over the next few weeks as his symptoms began to ease, he became progressively more interested in the sessions and keenly started doing his Autogenic Training (Link to Autogenic book in books), self- healing visualisation/meditation and the emotional off loading exercises(Link to Autogenic book in books) that I had taught him, as I strongly believe that the most powerful and effective healing happens when there is a true partnership between the healer and the healee and the latter is highly empowered to take charge of their own healing process. Additional to the mainstay of the healing,  I also used NLP , psychic surgery and intensive counselling with him. He had many interesting experiences and insights during the weeks of healing that followed but the most powerful one that was the real turning point was when he felt himself become part of a massive golden light and “ felt that the spirit of God had entered him”. From then on he became a firm believer in the power of healing both from an external source and within himself.

His condition began to improve progressively and for the first time in his school life he was able to attend school on a regular basis and if he started having some pain or experience the start of an attack, he was able to abort it with the healing visualisation. He grew in confidence in that he not only could control his symptoms but also his underlying condition. His hospital out-patient attendances became progressively less and any thoughts of surgery and ileostomy were totally abandoned to the utter delight of everyone concerned especially John of course. He also started playing sport especially his beloved football. As he had a massive amount of catching up to do with his studies, I taught him how to manage his time, studies and especially energy levels combining them with, and interspersing them with his Autogenics and healing visualisation and many other techniques including special breathing  that which he was taught over the weeks and months.

Astonishingly he managed to pass ten GCSE’s, most with grade A considering how little schooling he had had previously as a result of his severe illness.  He does not come to see me any longer as he is keeping remarkably well using wisely  his time and the various techniques that he knows are effective . However I bump into him from time to time and he regularly keeps me in touch with his progress. He is doing extremely well and passed  four A levels, was the captain of the football team, greatly involved with amateur dramatics where he usually gets major acting roles and has a lovely girlfriend.

He got into one of the top universities and has just qualified in astronomy and mathematics and going through the whole of his university without any illness. I have just heard at the end of 2004 that John has just started doing a PhD in trying to work out the mathematical  correlation between degrees of brain damage due to injury or stroke , and recovery as a result of various therapeutic interventions.

What a turn round from the old sickly John! It was a real joy working with him as despite his very young age he was obviously an  old soul and we had numerous and highly fascinating discussions on the intellectual, mental and meta-physical levels over the months as he grew in confidence and stature, not mentioning his height from just over five feet to six feet three inches!



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