Case History 6 - Assistance with a peaceful death in a terminal patient.

Bill was a wonderfully gentle and loving 49 year old man who had terminal nasty growth. By the time he came to see me he had suffered from bowel nasty growth for over two years and it had spread to his liver, lungs and spine. His abdomen was the size of nine month pregnancy and he was in excruciating pain associated with his various secondaries and felt understandably very ill. None of the medication given to him by the hospital really helped his pain.

Although spontaneous remissions and miraculous healings do happen, after chatting with Bill and his very loving, caring and supportive wife, we all came to the conclusion that he had probably come to the end of this journey and that he was moving towards experiencing the ultimate mystery that is death.

During the next few sessions the three of us discussed the process of dying and death and dealt with the emotional distress especially fear and anxiety which is associated with it. I have found that one of the most important factors that interfere with the process of healing in anyone who has nasty growth, terminal or potentially fatal disease are the negative emotions , especially fear that is associated with the disease. This is why I always ensure to discuss the process of dying and death and all that it entails, so that the client as well as the relatives or carers have an opportunity to explore these deep issues which invariably swept under the carpet by other health care professionals. Often these discussions are amazingly liberating, and following them the client can really start living well for  whatever time they have got left, which invariably is considerably prolonged and enriched for everyone concerned following healing.

I taught Bill and his wife to meditate together using “the rainbow healing light meditation” which I give to all my clients.  They also taught it to their teenage sons and every evening when they were all together, they would set a specific time aside so that they could all meditate together. They called this “ Their sacred time together”. They all found this experience extremely powerful,  beneficial and supportive.

Although Bill’s physical condition did not improve over the next few weeks, his severe pain gradually subsided. This was also helped by the use of the humming exercise. (Link to autogenic book in publications) He also felt remarkably well considering his physical state.

After about 3-4 months he was taken into hospital for the regular draining of the massive amounts of fluid that were collecting in his abdomen as a result of the irritating effects of the nasty growth and its metastases. While he was in there, he got the feeling that he was going to die soon.  His wife rang me and I went to see him in the side ward. His wife and both his sons were also there and hugging him as well as holding his hands. He greeted me with a smile and said that this was it. I started giving him healing which turned into a long session when we were all covered with a wonderful golden light and I could see the golden bridge of light that would transport him to the other side. At the end he went into a deep relaxing sleep. I left the room so that the family could say their final farewell in front of a lighted candle. About half an hour later Sandy came out and told me that Bill had passed on. What a wonderful way to die; in total peace and in the loving presence and embrace of his close family.

As there was no unfinished business left and all that needed to be said and felt was done, there was very little grieving afterwards. I did see Sandy for a couple of sessions after the funeral during which we worked with a few remaining emotional issues. At the end of our sessions she felt totally at peace with Bill’s death. she and her sons continue to remain very content, happy, calm and at peace.


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