Case History 3 - Recovery from intractable back problems following severe injury after fall from a great  height.

Phil is a fifty four year-old man who had suffered from very severe back problems for almost ten years after his accident.  That particular evening in 1988, unfortunately he had used a large amount of drugs and
in his altered state of mind and associated paranoia he had thought that he could fly. He was living in a ninth floor flat and unfortunately when he tried to fly he crashed onto the concrete and railings  nine floors below him. Miraculously he survived, although some of the railings had speared his internal organs and torn his bowel apart and  his pelvis and legs were very badly broken and he had to spend many months in hospital until he was well enough to walk.  But unfortunately as the bones healed, they trapped the left sciatic nerve with the consequent pain and nerve problems in the leg. The pain and the neurological problems continued to get worse over the years and even injections of anaesthetic and steroids into his spine were not working.

In desperation he came to see me for healing as he was now finding his pain totally unbearable despite all the pain killers that he was taking. He was literally in tears at times with the pain and was unable to do his job of curtain designing and making properly.

After four weekly sessions of healing his back problem and sciatic pain totally disappeared after ten years of suffering! This was in early 2000. He gets occasional backache and sciatica if he overdoes things especially clambering up and down ladders hanging heavy curtains. Usually one or two  sessions remove his pain. He has also had frozen shoulders and problems with his neck following whiplash neck  injury all of which have cleared up after one or two sessions of healing. Backaches and sciatica normally do remarkably well in my hands although Phil’s initial problems were rather exceptional considering the severity of the original injury.


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