Case History 28 - Healing of eczema and educational difficulties in a 9 year old

Dan is a delightful 9 year old who has had very severe , long standing and extensive eczema involving most of his body especially his face and limbs for which he had had years of treatment with very powerful steroid creams without much help. He has also had great difficulties at school when he was deemed to be impossible to teach spelling, times  tables and maths together with appalling and illegible  hand writing, despite having additional one to one help at school.

When I first saw him, I found him an incredibly intelligent and inquisitive child who was particularly interested in history especially various wars as a consequence upon which he had a large collection of little tin soldiers which came very handy later  as part of teaching him tables and sums. During our further discussions, I realised that his main problem was that he is a highly right brained child and consequently the traditional teaching methods which are designed for left brained children would be totally unsuitable for the way that he could learn. Right brained children who are also usually highly creative, need to learn through shapes, symbols, pictures, music, dance,  fun and creativity   to name but a few.

During the first part of our sessions, I would work with him on spelling and tables and maths in a typical right brained fashion using colours and forming spatial patterns for the maths using his soldiers and small crystals which he loved  in order  to learn his tables. I also taught him to memorise using the specific eye movements to ease visual recall. I also taught him and his mother brain gym exercises in order to try and balance the two halves of the brain  as well as improving his coordination.

The second part was devoted to the standard conventional healing. However, there was nothing standard about this child who is obviously a  highly spiritual and wise being of light who has obviously chosen to be born now to help with the raising of the consciousness of mankind as lots of kids born nowadays are. Right from the beginning, he went straight into different coloured lights but especially gold and purple which were  the prevalent ones which covered and filled him totally. He is also the first child/person whom I have come across in all my years of healing work who had his eighth or spiritual chakra wide open right from the beginning!

I became totally aware that he is already ahas marked healing gifts and during our later sessions we started having very deep and intellectual and spiritual conversations such as trying to answer his question as to “how many times are we reborn?” to name but one! He asked me how he could heal? I taught him some basic meditation , how to ground himself and protect himself with the light. We also discussed the chakras and their colours. He certainly gave me the distinct impression that he was already fully aware of their meaning and only needed to be reminded of them. He also started getting messages which he considered were directly from “God”! This is particularly interesting as none of the members of his family are particularly religious or openly talk about God and consequently he had not even been christened.  I was absolutely astonished at what was going on and the incredible awareness of spiritual dimension in this 9 year old!

By the end of the 6th session his eczema had totally cleared up; he could spell even the most difficult words after trying them only once the way that I had taught him; he could recite the whole of the times table without any difficulty and his hand writing had returned to being totally normal and legible  ! The mother was so touched by the dramatic improvement in Dan that she burst into tears at the end of his last session.

I have since heard that a few weeks after the completion of his six sessions of healing he has created a 24 page comic magazine which he personally designed and painted the front and back covers as well as drawing every picture and writing every caption to tell the journey of a space odyssey. Not bad for a kid who was thought of being almost uneducable!!

I have since heard that he has started giving healing to friends and family clearing their various aches and pains as well as healing his little cat of markedly painful paw and limping!! What a joy and privilege  it had been to work with such a wonderfully spiritual being of light and get him started on his important job and Highest Purpose  in  life.



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