Case History 27 - Healing of a 5 year old  child with cerebral palsy

Suzy is  a shy lovely 5 year old with a  moderately severe degree of cerebral palsy. Although Suzy allowed me to give her healing, she had to have her mother standing next to her while she was on the healing  couch initially during all the sessions.

The MRI  scan  had shown that she had a moderate degree of brain damage especially to the motor cortex of  the brain ( the area Responsible for motor movements). Consequent upon this,  she had stiffness and spasticity in both legs especially the calves; this was particularly bad on the left side as most of the damage was on the right side of her brain. She also had a slow and somewhat stuttering speech pattern. Fortunately her intellectual level did not appear to be particularly affected; neither were the movements of her arms and  hands.

She was very restless throughout the healing, especially while she was lying on her tummy to enable me to work on the backs of her legs. However, we managed to get on with relatively short bouts of healing initially anyway. But for  most of it, I concentrated on her brain and legs  while she was lying on her back when she somewhat relaxed and started sucking her thumb which apparently  was the sign that she was relaxed and content.

Apart from the healing, I taught the mother to practice some brain gym exercises with her. These are a series of mainly four exercises which help greatly with the balancing of the two halves of the brain as well as improving the co-ordination of the movements of the limbs.

She was very quiet and not very communicative after the healing sessions which was apparently very unusual as normally she is quite hyperactive and chatty. The only reactions and feelings that  she had felt was  warmth and tingling especially in her legs usually when I ran my hands over the areas. However following the sixth session which would have been the last of her current block, she told me that she had seen some beautiful and colourful  sparkling stars which she had thoroughly enjoyed.

I had already  told her mother that I had been guided  to give her healing in blocks of 6 weeks at a time followed by six weeks of rest in order to allow the brain to repair and re-enervate itself.

Because of the severe spasm of the calf muscles and her inability to put her feet especially the left one to the ground with the consequent inability to walk or run properly, it had been decided before I met her, that they would inject the calves with Botox (A weakened form of botulinim toxin which paralises the  muscles for an unknown period.) However, because of this, she would need to be placed in full leg plasters for a few months to give the muscles a chance to lengthen. But then as the effect would be temporary, she might need to have this traumatic procedure performed  under anaesthetic every few months with all its attending risks.
Botox is of-course best known in its use  for non-surgical face  lifts.

After the 4th session of healing, she went up to the local hospital to be measured up for her plaster cast. The occupational therapist was staggered to see that her ankle movements had improved by at least 5 percent and that she had already started cycling with stabilisers , because Unbeknown to me, she had also been told that because of the spasticity and her lack of coordination, she would never be able to cycle or do similar things!

The revelation that there seemed to be such improvement already, placed the parents in a quandary as to whether to go ahead with the Botox injection. I advised them to wait until she had finished her current course and had actually seen the consultant whom she was going to see two or three weeks after the completion of the healing sessions. By this time she had already started cycling without the stabilisers and had done a very long sponsored walk which she managed to complete to everyone’s amazement!

The consultant was astonished to see the difference in Suzy since he had last seen her six months earlier. Her speech was now virtually normal and the spasticity had improved dramatically. He was so amazed that he had to re-check the MRI scan to ensure that they had not misdiagnosed her initially! He then told the absolutely delighted parents that there was absolutely no reason for her to have the Votox injection to the absolute delight of everyone concerned.

Hopefully after her next block of six healing sessions, the last remaining vestiges of the changes in her brain will disappear and she will return to total normality and look forward to a perfectly healthy and normal life.

Despite having witnessed some amazing recoveries following serious and catastrophic diseases following healing, I was still astonished at the speed and level of recovery of Suzy from her cerebral palsy especially since I have never before  worked with a child with this condition.
Copyright: Dr.Kai Kermani


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