Case History 26 - Curing of infertility by healing

Judy was a delightful fit 36 year old who had been trying to get pregnant from her  long term partner for over ten years. Both her partner and herself had been fully investigated and she was found to have severe endometriosis. (Inflammation of womb and tubes and ovaries) Consequent upon this, 3 different consultants had told her that because of the severity of her gynaecological illness, there was no way that she could get pregnant.

During our consultation it transpired that she had a fear of bringing a child into the world as she was worried that she may not be a good mother and deal with the responsibility of a child effectively. This fear we traced back to her early childhood when she had had  unhappy, unpleasant and traumatic experiences. Following the discussion of the issues and her becoming aware of the  relationship between her current fears and her early childhood experiences, I proceeded with the normal session of healing.

The process of healing  was pretty routine and unremarkable. The only unusual thing was that I was given a message that a baby would arrive within a period of 8.... I assumed that it would be either within 8 weeks or 8 months that  she would get pregnant. I was also given a very strong message that she should have regular healing throughout her pregnancy. I passed these messages on to Judy.

I did not hear from her again for several months when she made another appointment to see me. She told me that in fact she had got pregnant within the eight weeks and as her pregnancy seemed to be going on satisfactorily, she did not bother to return for further healings. Unfortunately and very sadly, she had a premature delivery at 23 weeks and the baby girl dies a few hours after birth.

We worked through her obvious devastating grief and gave her further advice about future pregnancy and strongly advised her to return for regular healing once she gets pregnant once more which hopefully she will, although I did not get any indication of that during this consultation.



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