Case History 25 - Recovery from crippling acute disc problems of the lower back

Ali is a 39-year-old highly skeptical local general practitioner (MD). He developed an acute and severe disc problem in his back. As according to his MRI scan it was shown to be a central protrusion, he was advised on immediate surgery, which is particularly difficult and serious if his symptoms did not improve within a week. The reason for the urgency of the case was the fact that if a central disc protrudes completely, it can lead to paralysis of both legs and paraplegia. As he was fully aware of the difficulties of the proposed surgery and the possible unpleasant post-operative complications, he was understandably not keen on the procedure. In desperation he asked for my help.

The first time that I saw him, his symptoms were so bad that he was wearing a metal braced spinal corset as well as walking with crutches. He managed to sleep throughout the healing session though and said that his pain had eased somewhat at the end of it, although he was still having severe spasms of his back.

Fascinatingly, his kid of 7 who had accompanied him also curled up in the armchair within a few minutes of the healing starting and fell into a very deep sleep! He followed the same pattern every time he accompanied his father! Interestingly, this was quite an unusual behavior pattern for him, as he apparently was a very hyperactive, restless and fidgety child who could not keep still for more than a few minutes, and consequently Ali had been concerned as to what his son might get up to during the session. Little did he have to worry about. For unlike his usual pattern of sleeping when he would wake up at the slightest sound, we had great difficulty to get him out of his slumber! This indicates and confirms what has already been said that the vibrations of the healing energy are spread to everyone around and are not just confined to the person who is receiving the healing. As an interesting by-product of the kid accompanying his father during his healing sessions, the kid’s also changed and he became much calmer, settled and less hyperactive during the weeks between the healing sessions.

A couple of days after Ali’s second session, while I was tuning into his back for some distant healing, I saw him as a soldier in a middle of a war in the mid-eighteenth century. A spear was thrown at him, which was embedded into his back almost exactly at the same spot as he had the problem now. I took out the spear and repaired the hole that was left behind in my mind’s eye  and continued to send him daily distant  healing energy. 

When he turned up for his third session, he was walking perfectly normally and had discarded his corset and crutches!  He said that a few days previously something very odd had happened.  Coinciding with the time when I was working on him at a distance, he had had a severe recurrence of the back pain and his back had gone into severe spasm.  But a short while later it had started easing and felt as if some major manipulation had taken place. By the next day the pain had gone completely and he had gone back to work! He was fascinated by the story of past life experience that I had related to him. He was so impressed with his own recovery that he is now thinking of training as a healer himself. What joyful benefits that will bring to the numerous patients that he will go on seeing for the rest of his medical  career, especially since he is also on the training board of both the post-graduate medical education and the Royal College of General Practitioners examining board.



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