Case History 22 - Recovery from after effects of sexual abuse and rape

Tim was a 47 year old man who ostensibly came to because of tiredness, fatigue and confusion. During our conversation during our session it transpired that he was confused and ambivalent about his sexuality.  Further enquiry revealed that while he was about five or six, his father decided to join a peculiar sect whose initiation rights included the raping of youngest child in front of all the members. Consequently Tim’s father raped him as per request of the sect hierarchy.  Tim was obviously very distressed about this. However, his ordeal was by no means over yet.  About three years later when he was about eight or nine he was raped again publicly by his elder brother who also joined the same beastly sect.

Although he had apparently sorted out his distress and difficulties with his elder brother and were now on reasonable terms, he had never been able to discuss the issue with his father who had died a few years ago.

He relaxed surprisingly well during the session considering how tense he had been while he had been relating his awful past history. While I was giving him healing, his father appeared to me and was distraught at what he had done to Tim and how had ruined his childhood and life altogether. He went down onto his knees asked for forgiveness from his son.

Once the healing was over, I related what happened to Tim, who had a massive cathartic emotional release which included screaming and crying. Once he had worked through his intense emotional outpouring, he felt that he could indeed forgive his father for what he had done, following which an aura of intense peace and calmness descended upon him. This feeling of intense calm and serenity stayed with him for the three months that I had contact with him before he emigrated abroad. Just before he left these shores, he said that he was now able to cope with life as he could make sense of what had happened to him. He was going abroad to start a completely new life and felt that he could now entertain a proper and loving relationship which had eluded him until we worked together.



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