Case History 21 - Healing of ulcerative colitis in a 12 year old

Mat was a 12 year old who had suffered from severe ulcerative colitis for almost 2 years by the time he saw me. This is a condition in which the large bowel develops raw ulcers or wounds which leads to bloody diarrhoea. Although it can be quite mild, Mat’s condition was very severe and despite extremely powerful drugs, he was having bloody diarrhoea for up to ten times a day on a good one. As a consequence he was being extremely ill and unable to have much schooling. Because of this, one of the top children’s hospital which he was attending wanted to remove all his large bowel which was very badly affected and leave him with an ileostomy( a whole in his tummy attached to a bag which would need regular changing.

When I saw him initially, I found him a very shy, small for his age child who was mildly bullied at school. His father was the chief editor of one of the top National newspapers and his mother was an intense high flying business woman who was desperate for Mat to do well and be highly successful like the parents especially the mother.

Mat’s mother was very reluctant for me to see him on his own and insisted on being present  at every session. At my request just before leaving after one session,  Mat managed to ring me when his parents were not around. During our conversation it transpired that he greatly resented and was angry about being so highly pressurised by his parents especially his mother just to concentrate on his academic studies at the expense of socialising with his mates or even having any fun.

I arranged to have a joint consultation with all three of them on a couple of occasions when Mat’s grievances were aired which came as a total surprise and shock to them especially the mother who was totally unaware of detrimental effect that her behaviour was having on Mat and that it was greatly contributing to his illness as ulcerative colitis is greatly related to stresses of all sorts but especially emotional ones.

After our group discussions the healing started becoming much more effective and within 3-4 months of regular weekly healing sessions, his symptoms came under control and he only had occasional bouts of diarrhoea when he became particularly stressed.

Once the parental pressure was removed from his back and his physical health dramatically improved, he started really enjoy his studying especially when he was able to balance it with socialising and having fun.

He continued to keep well and following an honours degree at the university, he moved to China where he has become an extremely successful entrepreneur and businessman..




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