Case History 20 - Recovery from liver nasty growth and severe post-operative complications

John was a 38 year old man when he came to see me a few years ago, by which time his liver nasty growth was very advanced and extensive and spread to within his abdomen. The radio and chemotherapy that he had, had not worked and the nasty growth was considered far too extensive and advanced for surgical intervention.

We worked extensively over a few months with healing, Autogenics, and self- healing by which time the repeat scans and biopsy showed that there was no sign of the nasty growth, although the whole thing had transformed into a large fluid filled cyst in his liver. Both his surgeon and John were keen to have the cyst removed rather than wait for its natural resorption, which I had felt, would have happened.

He went into hospital for routine removal of the massive cyst. The first night after his surgery I was woken up in the early hours with a very strong message to send John a great deal of healing as he was in desperate need. I did just that and went back to sleep after an hour or so. The same thing happened the successive two nights as well. In the meanwhile I had been unable to contact his loving and very supportive wife.

She rang me a few days later saying that the operation had gone drastically wrong as John’s lung and main artery had accidentally been ruptured, and he had needed 36 pints of emergency blood transfusion. However, everything had been considered to be under control until the middle of the night when his blood pressure and all other vital systems had collapsed for no apparent reason and he had nearly died; the time coincided with the time that I was woken up to send him healing! Apparently the same thing had also happened the two following nights as well.

Following that very stormy and traumatic post-operative time, he recovered fully and marvelously.  He was told that pathology had confirmed that there was no sign of malignancy and he was considered to be in total remission. His devoted supportive wife and his three children were of course absolutely thrilled with this fact and that John was once more able to return to full time work.

Unfortunately there is a nasty sting in the tale of this story.  Unbeknown to his family, John had started having an affair with his secretary at work after recovery from his nasty growth and surgery and after three years of deceit decided to tell his family and walked out to live with his mistress. This necessarily caused an enormous amount of emotional pain, unpleasantness and stress for everyone concerned. Coincidental with his moving out of his family home, he also stopped doing Autogenics and everything else which had helped him including healing, not only to recover from his disease but keep him remarkably well.

Once the initial flames of passion and romance with his mistress died back, the relationship apparently became extremely stormy and unpleasant. Unsurprisingly, John’s nasty growth returned with a vengeance and once that had happened his mistress threw him out of her flat. He ended up in a hostel totally lonely and a broken man. Soon after that he died of his disease.



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