Case History 2 - Release of trapped twin soul (Clearance of split personality).

Jack was a 35 year old builder who came to see me because he felt that he had always had what seemed to be a split personality. He always seemed to get contrary messages within his mind whenever he wanted to do something especially take major decisions. As a result he felt paralysed in doing anything constructive in the face of the contrary messages that he was receiving.

He relaxed remarkably during his first  session  and I got an immediate impression that he seemed to be corded to another soul at his belly button region.  This soul communicated to me that he was the twin of Jack who had died in uterus and that somehow he had got trapped and could not  leave and move on.  While giving healing to the umbilical region, I mentally cut the cord and asked the trapped soul to look for the light that was being brought forward by the White Brothers and move towards it. As he started moving upwards and towards the light, there was a sudden and massive surge of energy which filled the room and went through  Jack and he started crying uncontrollably which continued for almost twenty minutes. He eventually calmed down and went into a deep sleep while I continued to give him healing.

Once the healing was finished and he came to, he confirmed the fact that his twin brother had in fact died before he was born. What made him cry was a sudden and unexpected feeling of total loss, as if he had lost an important part of himself. After the explanation of what had happened, he could fully understand, although he continued to feel numb which Is hardly surprising considering the immensely emotional experience that he had gone through.

He told me a fortnight later that he felt remarkably well and energetic and for the first time in his life he had a clear head and could make decisions. This was in 1996. I still get annual  Christmas cards from him. He  has continued to keep well and as a result of a number of decisions that he has made, his life has improved dramatically and he has gained the success that he truly deserved.

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