Case History 18 - Effectiveness of healing in IVF fertility treatment in HIV/AIDS

Steffi is a 38 year Old Italian who has been HIV positive for over 20 years and has had AIDS controlled with anti-retroviral drugs since 1997.  The only reason why she came to this country in 1986 following her diagnosis of being HIV  positive following heroine addiction was that the Italian health service refused to treat her and consequently she came over to England for free treatment which she has been having ever since in addition to all the social security and financial help which she has required.

She had casual unprotected sex in 2000 while she was on holiday in South America as a result of which she got pregnant. As she felt that she could not cope with a child on her own as her family still live in Italy, she had an abortion under the NHS.

She found a regular partner in 2001 and despite attempts  at getting pregnant from him, repeated trials failed. Eventually and astonishingly, she was accepted for free infertility treatment at Hammersmith Hospital in London. She was told that because of her age, her chronic infection and the drugs for which she was having, she had less than ten percent chance  of getting pregnant even after the six allocated treatment cycles. Consequently she decided to consult me to try and improve her chances of pregnancy as she had heard that healing was quite effective in infertility.

She had 4 long and intensive sessions of healing prior to the removal of her eggs, the last one being the day before  the minor procedure. She had a further session of healing the day prior to the implantation of the embryo into her uterus. She had a further session within 5 days of the implantation of the embryo.  In between the sessions I continued sending her distant healing especially during the time of the fertilisation of the eggs and the sperms.

An absolutely delighted and joyful Steffi rang me a few days after her last session informing me that she was indeed pregnant which had really surprised the specialists as it was totally unexpected to happen only after one cycle of treatment.

She continued with another 4 weekly  sessions of healing until the pregnancy was well-established.
I am of-course delighted that she has managed to achieve her goal of pregnancy and  that a soul has decided to descend to experience living with a mother with AIDS. 

The baby was delivered by caesarean operation 3 weeks early as he had started feeling distressed in the womb. On his arrival into this world , thankfully he was found to be HIV  negative and as a precaution and as is customary he was given anti-retroviral drugs for a month. His follow up testing is also negative and I am delighted to say that both the baby and mother are doing remarkably well.



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