Case History 16 - Recovering from severe and long standing vertigo

Kevin is a 28-year-old pleasant young man who is an IT consultant. Prior to the onset of his vertigo in 2001, he was a highly active person who travelled greatly as well as being particularly good in Marshal Arts especially Kung Fu.

He started experiencing some degree of unsteadiness, which first started in 2001 when he flew on his travels.  This gradually got worse and turned into true vertigo and giddiness which eventually got so severe that six months prior to seeing me in mid-2003, he had been totally house and bed-bound. The slightest movement, including even trying to read, greatly aggravated his vertigo, which could lea to retching and vomiting.

His consultant ENT surgeon thought that his symptoms were so bad that it warranted the very rare and drastic surgery of destroying the organ of balance of the affected side, as a result of which he would end up being   deaf in that ear and with the hope that his vertigo might settle.

As he did not want to undergo such a drastic and destructive surgery at his young age, his father managed to drive him to see me with great difficulty, as he was being constantly sick during the journey. His symptoms were so severe that even during the first session of healing while lying down he retched several times. By the third session he had improved quite considerably; for although he got quite dizzy while travelling, he was no longer being sick or retching and was able to move around his flat and do a few chores. He had also improved sufficiently to be able to read and start doing my ‘colour light healing visualisation and starting to learn Autogenics (Link to autogenic book in Books)

As some of his symptoms did not seem to me to be totally related to his organ of balance, I suggested that he saw an eminent local neurologist who specialised in cases of vertigo. Luckily he took my advice, as the consultant neurologist thought that in addition to the problems with his organ of balance, he also had an uncommon form of visual vertigo, which would not have been helped even if he had had the surgery! He recommended physiotherapy to Kevin’s neck to try and strengthen his organ of balance, and I taught him some special eye exercises to try and help the visual component of his problem.

In the meanwhile we continued with his weekly healing and within 8 sessions, his symptoms had virtually totally disappeared and he was able to return to work by using the trains and the underground system without suffering any ill effects, which was in stark contrast to what he had been like prior to the time that he had been healed.


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