Case History 15 - Marked  improvement in CD4(T) cell count in a person with long term  HIV infection      

Bernard is a delightful 60 year old  retired successful film director/producer. He first saw me in 1985 when he was just diagnosed with HIV infection. Like most of the recently diagnosed cases in those very early days, he was terrified as it virtually meant a death sentence as the knowledge about the disease was very scant and there was no treatment for even the simplest infections which occurred as a result of the condition.

He attended a full eight week  course of Autogenic Training(Link to autogenic booking Books) as a member of a group of HIV infected individuals which I used to run in those days. We managed to deal with his fears and other prevalent emotions as well as his massive amount of  stress. He also devised a programme of Canadian air force exercises(A very energetic aerobics schedule) and vitamin and mineral supplements (C,E,Beta Carotene, Zinc and Selenium and multivitamin) and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

His CD 4 (T) cell count which is considered to be a good indicator of the level of damage caused by the HIV virus was at a  normal level  at the time. He continued to keep extremely well with continuing normal levels of CD4 cell count over the years. In fact he was hailed as being the person with the  longest period of infection who continued to remain well with normal blood counts.

Although he normally sent me an annual Christmas cards during which he had informed me that he had retired at the age of 50, he actually rang me quite worried in early 02 as his blood count level had dropped to 180 which was below the critical level of 200 at which he would become much more susceptible to the nasty and dangerous infections which affect those with HIV  infection. I suggested healing to him together with visualisation and meditation  in addition to his normal regime about which he had apparently become slackened over the recent  years. As he lived about 3 hours’ drive away from me  now, he said that he would try the old regime rigorously and see how his blood count went, as he was not keen to see any other person or healer because of the faith which he had in me.

His next blood count had dropped to dangerous levels of 140 and he was put on a prophylactic antibiotic to try and prevent the pneumonia (PCP) which is quite prevalent at this sort of level of blood counts and can prove fatal. However, he postponed the decision about starting the anti-retroviral drugs which although effective in controlling the HIV  infection, they are no cure and can have nasty side effects. He then decided to try and make the journey and get some healing as well as learning about visualisation and meditation to do in addition to his usual regime already enumerated. He also started taking Lecithin capsules (1.2 Gms) additionally as it is reported that this substance can line the cells and prevent the newly produced ones   getting infected with the HIV  virus.

He could only manage an average of a session every 3 weeks. But despite that, his CD4 cell count had gone up to 270 after 3 months which was excellent news. During the sessions it transpired that the decline in his cell count had coincided with the onset of a severe illness in his mother. He was very close to her and had to look after her during the  relatively long debilitating terminal illness. Apart from the stress and distress during this time, he had also neglected to   look after himself properly.

Despite the improvement in his cell count levels with the healing, he thought that he could now take over himself  and therefore he did not have any more healing for the next three months. The count after that  time had remained  static at 270. That convinced him that the  act of energy  healing does actually work and therefore decided to re-start his sessions  once more; again on average about once every 3 weeks which I felt was really inadequate. But still after the next three monthly count his level   had gone up to 320 which meant that he was outside the critical level at least. We are going to continue with the healing and everything else that he is doing until his cell count has reached at least 600 which is quite a respectable level.

In my past experience of working with people who are HIV  positive with dropping cell counts, I have noticed that  the quickest and most effective way of restoring the cell count to relative normality  is to have once weekly sessions for between 3-6 months. This of-course in addition to the stress management and the vitamins , minerals , exercise etc all of which help to support the immune system. Once the cell count level has reached respectable levels of 450-600, then some individuals manage to hold these levels and improve on  them without further healing whereas others need regular monthly top ups to prevent the levels from dropping again.   The fact that healing is very effective in HIV  infection is of no doubt. But what has always puzzled me is  why some individuals manage to keep a healthy level of cell count without further healing whereas others need regular top ups!

Eileen is a 51 year old high powered business executive. She saw me because of incessant tiredness. During our discussion it transpired that despite her tremendous success work wise, she had always felt tired and disconnected from this world and everyone around her.

She relaxed very easily during the healing and spontaneously regressed  to the intrauterine and prebirth period. Apparently her mother had had difficulty conceiving. Consequently, she was given some hormone treatment which resulted in four embryos being formed and growing in the womb. However, for some reason that never became clear, 3 of them perished and Eileen was the only one that survived. In that deep healing state of relaxation,  she remembered vividly that she did not wish to be born and desperately wanted to accompany the other souls to the other side. This, and the fact that she was still grieving unconsciously for her loss of the other siblings  would probably account for the fact that even from the very earliest  times in her childhood, she always felt alienated and disconnected from everyone and everything that was going on around her.  

During the third session of healing, I “saw” 3 very strong beams of silver white light enter her through her crown while I had my hand over her head. Following that,  I had a very strong inner intuitive  feeling that some form of integration was taking place within Eileen. By the next session, she felt good, positive and for the first time in her life, centred and connected. I asked her to continue with her meditations and especially concentrating on grounding herself regularly, as the lack of earth connection  also seemed to have been part of her problem.

This case made me wonder about the emotional, psychological and spiritual problems that may beset the remaining offsprings who are the  products of the modern fertility treatments in which “selective embryo reduction” is commonly practised after the initiation of conception of multiple pregnancies which seems to be the norm in these cases. This awareness certainly gave me personally a great deal of food for thought about the possible problems that we are storing for the society in the future.


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