Case History 14 - Recovery from massive ovarian and advanced  nasty growth

Chloe was a 66 year old civil servant who rang me towards the end of October 2001, asking me if I would see and help her  with a “small tummy tumour”.

When I saw her, she had the largest abdominal tumour which I have ever come across  in my thirty years of medical and healing practice!  Her tummy was the size of a nine month twin pregnan

cy! The scan had been highly suggestive of  an ovarian nasty growth which had been further confirmed by specific blood test and biopsy. The consultant surgeon had given her a date for surgery six weeks from the time of  our initial consultation. He had also told her that because of the size of the mass, he may not be able to remove it surgically as it might be technically impossible, especially since it seemed to have attached itself to the stomach, intestines and the omentum which is the fatty apron which extends from the base of the stomach to the pelvis and overlies all the organs.

Because of the size of the tumour, Chloe was extremely uncomfortable and unable to breathe or eat properly. She was also extremely tired and found that it was impossible to travel on the public transport to get to me. Despite the fact that she lived a long way away from me, she decided to get to me twice a week using a mini-cab which cost  her a fortune. However, this act  showed her determination to help herself and try and beat her disease, despite its obvious very advanced state.

During the first consultation it appeared that she had a great deal of backlog of emotional and psychological problems which had contributed to the inception of her disease; not least of all extreme fear which had led her to ignore her tumour initially, until it had got to such a massive size. We , therefore, decided to spend three hours or so    working per session  as the time that we had prior to her proposed surgery was very limited. Apart from teaching her healing visualisation, Autogenics and emotional release exercises(Link to autogenic book in Books))  to do at home, we spent the first half of each  session doing regression visualisation , alternating it with visualisations consisting of emotional release work as well as total healing and positive health  for the  future, followed by conventional energy healing for the second part of the session. The actual time that I spent giving her healing at every session was about hour and a half.

A great many issues came up going as far back as when she was aged 5 when while living in Iraq, her family were arrested and her parents had been tortured. This was then followed by her father  loosing all his money due to mismanagement and misappropriation of her brother.  Her choice of acting the victim role finally and confirmed by the death of her long term partner as a result of medical negligence, which led to a massive amount of litigation both to do with reclaiming some of his estate as well as THE suing the hospital , in all of which she strongly  felt victimised.  this awareness and her conscious decision to move out of the victim role was one  of the important factors in enabling her to start her journey of recovery as did her response to what follows.

She became aware of a very vivid memory and emotional state following the death of her partner in which she felt totally hopeless and wanted to die. Although this had happened over 15 years prior  to the inception of her current problems and advanced nasty growth, she attributed her present tumour to that episode in her life, and realised that she had ‘created’ the tumour in order to fulfil her then wish of wanting to die; something which was now alien to her.

With all the physical, emotional and psychological and spiritual work which we did over the weeks, her tumour shrunk in size to that of about 6 months pregnancy, as a result of which she wondered whether or not she should undergo the surgery or wait for the healing to clear it altogether.

My strong impression was that she should proceed with the surgery, especially now that the tumour was a much more manageable size as far as the surgeon was concerned. The formation of this view was helped by the fact that  I knew from past experience that in some cases of advanced malignant disease, although the nasty growth could be overcome, the resulting large  cyst  left behind containing all the dead nasty growth cells and toxins  would need removing.  This is partly because the removal of whatever is left behind with all the toxic material which     it may contain following the death of the nasty growthous cells is essential , as this  would enable the individual to direct their amazing healing energies towards the actual act of healing rather than neutralising the toxins the volume of which might be quite overwhelming to the system especially in this case considering the massive size of the original tumour.

What the surgeon found quite astonished him, as he had never seen anything like it before. 

The tumour was much smaller than what he was expecting although there was about 16 pints of intra-abdominal fluid present which often is associated with malignant tumours. However what surprised him was the fact that the areas at which the tumour was stuck to the other organs instead of the expected normal adhesions and abnormal cells consisted  of  the presence of calcified material resembling  chalk. This calcified or chalky material also seemed to surround the inner layer of the tumour as well.  After its removal, the  tumour  was sent to the consultant pathologist for detailed examination and confirmation of the diagnosis.

Although the appearance of calcified material at the attachment points of the tumour to the other vital organs  might have been surprising to the consultant, it did not really surprise me as I had encountered the same phenomenon in other cases in whom the healing energy had managed to destroy the nasty growth cells. The end result of this destruction seems to be the formation of calcified material to replace the dead cells. The calcified layer has an additional apparent function of isolating the nasty growthous cells and preventing them from spreading, as well as starving them of vital oxygen and blood supply and hence speeding up their demise.

Chloe made a slow but uneventful recovery, though initially her tummy refilled with some more fluid as a response to the major surgery which she had had. This fluid eventually got re-absorbed and her tummy returned to normal size once total recovery had taken place. She continued to exercise what I had taught her and I continued sending her distant healing.

Three weeks after her surgery, she was given the good news by her consultant surgeon that she no longer had any evidence of nasty growth in the  tumour which had been  removed. Apparently  there had been a great deal of discussion and argument between the consultant surgeon and pathologist over this diagnosis, especially considering the pre-operative presumptive diagnosis. Because of this the consultant pathologist had been through the samples of the tumour several times with a toothcomb with the conviction that there must be some nasty growth cells present, but had failed to find any and therefore had to conclude that the tumour was no longer nasty growthous and that she had to be declared to be in total and complete remission.

The perseverance, positive attitude, a great deal of emotional, mental and psychological hard work some of which had been very painful and the intervention of spiritual healing energy had thankfully worked in this case and had enabled Chloe to make a full recovery and continue on her onward journey of change and transformation as a much more aware, grateful and spiritually maturing person.


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