Case History 13 - Marked improvement in an almost illegible hand writing

The case of Dina is probably most unusual requests for healing which I have ever had. She was a very pleasant 54 year old south American midwife who had been working  for years in one of the top London medical schools. She had been to see me on a few occasions with relatively minor health problems which we had managed to sort out after one or two sessions. Therefore, when she rang me once more, I wrongly assumed that the consultation would follow the usual lines. However, during the consultation she wondered whether healing could help to improve her appalling hand writing which was becoming totally illegible when she was under pressure at work.

On further enquiries, it transpired that while she was a small child, she had always been very slow in dealing with everything including her writing and homework. This was not appreciated by her very busy mother who had to look after a large family of six. Consequently, she was regularly chastised and told to hurry up. The same pattern had followed at school, where she had also been bullied as a result of doing her homework slowly.

The discovery that her current problems with very bad hand writing under stress was related to her childhood experiences was a tremendous revelation to her. Following the session of healing for the past traumas, I advised her to continue with her Autogenics(Link to autogenic book in Books)  more regularly and prodigiously , especially when she was finding that she was getting under stress.

She rang me a few weeks later to thank me for the session, as her hand writing had improved dramatically and that she had also started doing a course in calligraphy not only  to improve it still further, but actually make it beautiful.


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