Case History 11 - Recovery from severe heart problems(Blockage to one of the main arteries ; pulmonary artery  valvular  stenosis)

Jo was a 14 year old lad whose main ambition was to become a professional dancer, something which he had been exceptionally good at for sometime. He was thrilled at being accepted for a role in the West End. However, at the routine pre-show medical examination he was found to have a heart murmur and was referred to a cardiologist ( heart specialist )  who had found after a great many extensive investigations including echo-cardiogram, that he had extensive heart problems. This mainly consisted of a narrowing of the main artery that took blood out of his heart and into his lungs for purification and oxygenation.  It was felt that this narrowing was very serious as eventually it would put so much strain on the heart that it would fail. He was therefore advised to stop all physical activity including dancing until he was 18 when he would have to undergo major open heart surgery to correct the blockage (Pulmonary artery  valvular stenosis). The lad was obviously totally devastated which is hardly surprising.

His wise  mother ignored the devastating news and brought Jo to see me as I had already helped his father to recover from liver nasty growth.

Jo was quite scared about what he had been told by the consultant  and nervous about healing as he did not  know what to expect. During the first session I concentrated hard on the defects to be corrected by surgical spiritual intervention while holding my hands over the heart region for a considerable amount of time. When the session finished and I asked Jo if he had become aware of anything, he described to me in detail the image of a perfectly healthy  heart and particularly the so called damaged artery. This was quite amazing especially since he had had no knowledge of biology as he  had not covered that subject at school!

He continued to see the same image during the next four sessions, during which the whole energetic and physical feel of his heart during the healings had changed. At the end of the sixth week I listened to his heart and found that there was no longer any evidence of the heart murmur which had been so loud at the beginning of our sessions. I therefore advised him to continue with his acting and dancing lessons and other sporting activities, although we continued with regular weekly healings for the next seven months until his next set of investigations at the hospital.

What transpired throughout a great deal of our sessions together was the enormous amount of emotional  pain, heartache  and  fear of loss that he had suffered from an early age when his father was diagnosed with terminal liver nasty growth.  The final straw came when after recovery from his disease the father had abandoned his loving family especially Jo for another woman.  The heartache of that incident preceded the onset of the diagnosis of his heart problem by less than a year.  He worked through the emotional pain and distress ardently and enthusiastically using the off-loading exercises(Link to Autogenic book in books)  which contributed enormously  to the feeling of relaxation and peace that he developed over the months.

All the tests including the echo-cardiogram proved to be totally normal at his ensuing check-up, whereupon the consultant suggested that  they had probably made a mistake with the diagnosis originally!; a common response by the conventional consultants to the so-called inexplicable total recoveries.  At that point Jo’s mother produced the clutch of results from the year before and  asked the consultant to explain those abnormal results; something that the consultant found himself at a total loss to explain!

Jo passed his dance and drama examinations with flying colours and is now in the final year of his university and is still hoping to follow his dancing and media career as well as a degree in Fine Arts  even with  more zest and gusto. 


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