Case History 10 -  Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

Mary was a delightful 68 year old lady who had been perfectly fit and healthy until two years previously when she was struck down with Parkinson’s disease. Despite the full plethora of conventional treatment, her condition had become progressively worse and by the time she came to see me  she had become stiff
as a board with a marked tremor which prevented her from doing anything apart from sitting and staring blankly at television; she even had to be helped with her eating and all other normal routine activities such as bathing.

I saw her on a regular weekly basis for about three months, during which she started improving dramatically. By the time she stopped coming to me, her mobility and regular activities had returned to virtual normality. She was once more able to enjoy gardening, regular walks, normal daily personal functions and most importantly she had been able to return to her beloved embroidery. She was still continuing with her conventional drug therapy which had started becoming much more effective after the healing, as a result of which the dose had been reduced considerably to an absolute minimum. It is an interesting fact that even the very high doses of the drugs were being ineffective before the healing. I am at a loss to explain why that should be.  But I am delighted that the healing  worked.

Four years later I met up with her in our local supermarket when she still seemed in remarkably good health and spirit. She told me that in the intervening period she had fallen and had suffered from a hip fracture, but using the self-healing techniques that I had taught her had helped her remarkably in recovering from the surgery very quickly without any detrimental effects on her Parkinson’s which still seemed totally under control.



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