Case History 1 - Recovery from  advanced ovarian nasty growth

Esme was a sixty four year old lady who in the middle of 1999 noticed a swelling in her lower abdomen. After investigations it was decided that she had an ovarian tumour and that she needed it removed, consequent upon which she underwent surgery.

 Once opened, the surgeons found that unfortunately this was an advanced ovarian nasty growth which had spread into her pelvis as well as widely within her abdomen. Surgical removal was deemed impossible and as a result her abdomen was closed without anything significant being taken out apart from a few small pieces for biopsy purposes. Histology confirmed the surgeons’ impressions and it was thought that nothing much could be done although they gave her a couple of chemotherapy sessions at the insistence of her family.  However at subsequent investigation they did not seem to have helped much.
She came to see me for healing at this stage.  I saw her twice a week initially and then once weekly.  During the six weeks or so that I was seeing her it transpired that during the previous few years she had lost her job and had to start looking after a mother with advanced Alzheimer’s.  She had been carrying a great deal of anger and resentment because of what had happened during that time.  Then we discovered that she had been feeling very guilty for almost forty years because her daughter had been born virtually totally deaf which had caused a great deal of difficulties over the years.

She started off-loading and releasing the backlog of her suppressed emotions as well as learning to relax and do self-healing through Autogenic Training (Link to Autogenic book in publications). During this time she had also had two more sessions of chemotherapy the side effects of which we had managed to control through the healing and the use of crystals.

When she returned for further investigations including scans, it was found to everyone’s amazement that the tumour had shrunk to such an extent that made the possibility of surgical removal a reality. The surgeon managed to remove the source of the nasty growth as well as the secondaries  which by now had localised. With the regular healing prior to her surgery and while she was in hospital, she had very little postoperative pain and recovered remarkably quickly. After returning home she continued with her weekly healing sessions as well as having two more chemotherapies. After returning for check up she was found not only to be clear of nasty growth from the scans and X-rays, but also from the specific blood test which detects minute amounts of the nasty growth if it were present. She was declared totally clear and in remission. She has continued to remain totally clear so far well into 2004; not bad considering that   They are now talking about five –10 year survival when initially after the diagnosis and first surgery they were only  talking about a possible survival of a few months!

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